NGC 3572附近的恒星、尘埃和气体
影像来源与版权:Andrew Campbell

说明:恒星的形成可以是多彩的。这幅彩色的宇宙影像呈现了 NGC 3572中最近形成恒星附近的炽热气体和暗尘,NGC 3572是船底星云附近一个很少被人们研究的星团。NGC 3572的恒星在影像底部附近可见,而上方扩散的气体云很可能是它们形成星云的遗迹。这幅影像的鲜明色泽是由氢、氧和硫发出的特殊颜色辉光与通过宽带滤波器所呈现出的红光、绿光和蓝光混合而成。这个靠近NGC 3572的星云跨度约100光年,位于南天的船底座方向,距离我们约9千光年远。在数百万年内,影像中的气体可能会消散,而引力碰撞可能会在大约10亿年的时间里驱散星团中的恒星。

Stars, Dust, and Gas near NGC 3572
Image Credit & Copyright: Andrew Campbell

Explanation: Star formation can be colorful. This chromatic cosmic portrait features glowing gas and dark dust near some recently formed stars of NGC 3572, a little-studied star cluster near the Carina Nebula. Stars from NGC 3572 are visible near the bottom of the image, while the expansive gas cloud above is likely what remains of their formation nebula. The image’s striking hues were created by featuring specific colors emitted by hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur, and blending them with images recorded through broadband filters in red, green, and blue. This nebula near NGC 3572 spans about 100 light years and lies about 9,000 light years away toward the southern constellation of the Ship’s Keel (Carina). Within a few million years the pictured gas will likely disperse, while gravitational encounters will likely disperse the cluster stars over about a billion years.
Astronomy Picture of the Day 05/28/2019